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0ad-0.0.20-- Real-time strategy (RTS) game of ancient warfare 0verkill-0.16_2-- 0verkill is a bloody 2D action Deathmatch-like game in ASCII-art.
Ubiquity is a simple graphical live CD installer designed to integrate well with Debian- and Ubuntu-based systems, written largely in Python, using d-i as a backend.
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dpkg-buildpackage: сбой: fakeroot debian/rules clean возвратил код ошибки 126 PHONY: build clean binary-indep binary-arch binary install configure I was mounting it on fstab from a volume without exec option. Далее.
очистку дерева исходного кода ( debian/rules clean ). сборку пакета с сборку двоичных пакетов ( fakeroot debian/rules binary ). создаёт файл dsc. Далее.
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Jan 14, 2008 · Learn about rebuilding and recompiling binary source package under Debian / Ubuntu Linux using options to configure, you can radio fakeroot debian.

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15 Nov 2008 There are three options listed here for obtaining a cross-compilation toolchain. cd ~/src/linux-2.6-2.6.18 $ fakeroot debian/rules clean $ fakeroot 2>&1 $ fakeroot make -f debian/rules.gen binary-arch-arm-none-ixp4xx >> Далее.
This article aims to be a more updated and clear instructional on how to install the Easycap video capture device in Ubuntu and it’s variants.
as well as binary codec packages and a number of fakeroot debian/rules clean rm debian man mplayer' for further options. 'mplayer -vo help'.
For the last year or so I've been running Windows under Linux using KVM. I started off with true VGA passthrough using instructions.
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Nov 05, 2015 · fakeroot debian/rules clean. fakeroot debian/rules clean AUTOBUILD=1 fakeroot debian/rules binary fakeroot debian/rules clean DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS.
If a specific target has been selected with the -T or --target option, it calls that target and stops here. Otherwise it calls fakeroot debian/rules clean to clean the . Далее.
sudo apt-get install build-essential debhelper dh-make quilt fakeroot lintian usr/bin/make -f # -*- makefile -*- # Sample debian/rules that uses debhelper. usr/bin/make -f clean: dh_testdir dh_auto_clean dh_clean build: dh_testdir Diese Option legt fest, dass uquilt die Konfigurationen aus ~/.quiltrc-dpkg verwendet. 2. Далее.
Результаты поиска.

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use the --help option for usage fakeroot debian/rules clean to It calls debian/rules build followed by fakeroot debian/rules binary.
All Ubuntu Packages in "precise" Generated: Sun Aug 7 21:34:38 2016 UTC Copyright 2016 Canonical Ltd.;.
0ad-0.0.20-- Real-time strategy (RTS) game of ancient warfare 0verkill-0.16_2-- 0verkill is a bloody 2D action Deathmatch-like game in ASCII-art.
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Debian Binary Package Building , including a debian/rules file which automates the steps involved in creating $ fakeroot dpkg-deb --build debian dpkg-deb:.
debian/rules clean runs dh fakeroot debian/rules binary-indep runs fakeroot dh Other files under the debian directory and the manpage of each command.
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(debian/rules clean) (debian/rules build) build binary packages (fakeroot debian/rules binary) make the dsc file As you keep working on the package.
Debian User Forums. fakeroot debian/rules binary gave error exit status 2 The debian/rules file is the set of instructions to build the package.

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Nov 23, 2015 · fakeroot debian/rules binary-indep dh binary debian/rules:17: recipe for target binary use options.
17 Dec 2010 This directory will not appear in the binary package's filesystem archive, PHONY: build clean binary-indep binary-arch binary install check of another package, edit the debian files and fakeroot directory, and use dpkg -b. and dpkg-deb's manual pages, this option seems to be what you have to use… Далее.
However, I couldn't find any options to make Ubuntu kernel build fakeroot debian/rules -j8 binary-headers binary-generic Instead use make -j8 deb-pkg , that will build packages for you without forcing a make clean Далее.
git checkout -b work fakeroot debian/rules clean skipabi=true skipmodule=true fakeroot debian/rules binary-perarch. The above statement . Далее.
package들에 대한 간략한 설명들 사이트 Package: acct Description-md5.
6 days ago dpkg-buildpackage - build binary or source packages from sources If a specific target has been selected with the -T or --target option, Otherwise it runs the preclean hook and calls fakeroot debian/rules clean to clean the . Далее.
9 Aug 2005 Normal Debian packages get a proper source package, including a Here we just show how to package a simple shell script or binary Use the 'x' option to extract the files. fakeroot dpkg-deb --build debian dpkg-deb: building package linuxstatus (1.2-1) * Made Debian package lintian clean. Далее.
4 Oct 2014 I'm getting into Linux kernel programming and I have successfully built my fakeroot debian/rules clean fakeroot debian/rules binary-headers . Далее.
To install Open vSwitch on Debian without building Debian packages, see [] instead. Run: `fakeroot debian/rules binary` This will do a serial build that runs the unit tests. To fix the problem, run `fakeroot debian/rules clean` or start over from a fresh copy of the source tree. Debian for the available options. Далее.


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Debian GNU/Linux 初心者の 足跡. このページは主として Debian GNU/Linux 3.1(sarge), GNOME2, kernel2.6 環境での試行錯誤記録です。.
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Under Windows and Mac the Intel GPU drivers include OpenCL support; however, on Linux OpenCL on Intel GPUs is implemented through an open source project called.
Running Docker is becoming increasingly common; many guides are available online to get started and let you spawn containers on a box; may it be a Linux server.
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Otherwise it calls fakeroot debian/rules clean to clean the Many dpkg-buildpackage options are forwarded to OPTIONS -b Specifies a binary.
23 Oct 2015 trying this how-to, make sure you know how to boot your system into an alternate boot option using the Ubuntu advanced boot options. If you want, you can specify the kernel package explicitly. We start by cleaning the source tree: fakeroot debian/rules binary-headers binary-generic binary-perarch Далее.
25 Oct 2014 Building ffmpeg deb package gives fakeroot debian/rules clean gave error exit status 2 Error 1 dpkg-buildpackage: error: fakeroot debian/rules binary gave error configure --help for available options. dh_auto_configure: Далее.
14 Mar 2013 First, clean the build tree so your test build does not accidentially rely on files which dpkg-checkbuilddeps $ fakeroot debian/rules binary. Далее.

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